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How much does a website cost?
Pricing depends on how much work is involved. But I can promise we will work with you to find a solution to your website needs that fits within your budget. And if it turns out we can’t work within your price range, I will help you find some low cost options.

If you’re looking for a budget range, a custom website with content generally starts around $7,500.

Will you work on existing websites?
Absolutely! In addition to updating your content and fixing broken links, etc., there is a monthly content and security maintenance plan available for as low as $300 a month.
Do you have payment plans?
Normally we ask for small projects all up front and larger projects half down and the rest within 2 weeks of the original go live date. However, we can offer payment plans depending on the circumstances.
Payment plans can range from as short as three months to as long as three years. This can be negotiated as part of the work agreement.
Is there a process you go through to build a website?
Yessiree. Whether it’s a redesign or a brand spankin’ new one, we will work through a step by step process starting with our proven marketing strategy to insure that we are not wasting your money.

Each project is tailored specifically to your needs. And I’ll be there with you every step of the way. You’ll never be lost or unsure what needs to be done next or who’s responsible.

How do I get a proposal for a website?
That’s easy! To start the process, just schedule a call. You can tell me your story. We’ll see if we’re a good fit and figure out how we can help.

After we have established what your needs are, a proposal will be drawn up and sent to you. We can work on any adjustments, corrections or details as needed.

Will my website work on smartphones?
Yep, we got you covered. Every website is built from a mobile first concept. What that means is we start by designing for a smartphone to various tablet sizes and lastly to full size screen. And they all make you look good.

Being able to see your site from a smartphone is important. Because most people will be looking for you on their smartphones. Not to mention, Google will rank your site higher if it’s easy to open and read from a tablet or a smartphone. And higher ranking means more visibility!

Do you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Every site has basic SEO as part of the design. I can also offer advice for how to keep your site optimized based on your content and practices, going forward.
Do you provide web hosting?
Most small sites can be provided for. Otherwise, we will find a suitable host for your needs.
Can you do logo designs?
Basic logo designs can be provided. Or we can find a graphic designer to work with.
Can you write and/or edit the content on my website?
Yes indeed! In fact we insist on it. All our projects start with a marketing strategy format that will help you clarify your marketing message and provide an unlimited resource for all your marketing and web content.
Can you track how many people visit my site?
Of course! In fact there is a whole set of tools that can be added to not only count visits, but when, how often and how much time they are spending on your site and a slew of other things. And once these analytics are set up, you’ll be able to look at a report whenever you want!
Do you do branding?
Yep. In fact, the first stage of the process involves discovering your brand in order to transform your values into a visual, sensory connection that will draw the right people to your site and keep them there.

If you already know your brand, great! We can help you ramp that up to an even better experience!