Why can’t I just do it?
How many times have you asked yourself the question? It usually comes after a day of, “Ill get to it. I just need to [fill in the blank with your excuse of the moment].” Which usually comes after the bold declaration of made the night before, “Tomorrow, I’m going to get it done!”

But why? Why do we put it off? I’m not talking about doing laundry or mowing the lawn. Those are boring things that. We all drag our feet to do. No, I’m talking about the thing you love to do. The thing your good at. The thing that makes your business go.

From my entrepreneur interviews binge, I noticed that the vast number of Entrepreneurs stated that the biggest reason most businesses fail is because of mindset. We are trained to fail. So, instead of embracing failure as a good thing, as lessons learned we fear them. One entrepreneur said behind every excuse we make is fear.

So, I asked myself, “Why am I procrastinating writing this blog post? Why don’t I just do it? Am I scared?”
“I don’t know what to write”
“No one will read it.”
“Scaredy cat!”
“What if they figure out I don’t know what I’m talking about? “
“Do you think they don’t already know, wuss?”

After my derogatory pep talk, I asked myself a question that I’ve asked many times before. And I’m hoping this will help you. The question to ask yourself is,
“What’s the worst that could happen? Will you die? Okay then what?”
Once I play that scenario through my head, I realize that the results can either teach me, or I die trying.

I read something years ago about Samurai code of ethics. One thing I found astounding is that a Samurai was to prepare for battle by assuming they were dead. Meaning, they gave up worrying about surviving the battle and just try to last as long as they could and cause as much damage as possible. The results were an army of soldiers who had no fear of pain or death, since they had already accepted it.

I have actually tried this over the years. “I’m probably going to fail. So I will last as long as I can and get as far as I can go.” It was very liberating to remove the fear from my thoughts.

So, go on. Give it a shot! Just watch where your aiming.