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Are You feeling stuck?

You want to grow your business but you can’t do that without reaching more people. 

The whole process feels like an uphill battle going nowhere. 

  • You’re wasting time and resources you don’t have
  • Your website isn’t doing anything for you
  • There’s no one you can rely on for help

Everyone should able to have the right tools
and people they can rely on to grow their business.

A Simple Plan and a Clear Strategy Could Change Everything

Clear Direction

You need an effective website, but that’s not enough. We’ll map out a marketing strategy that will bring you more traffic and turn wishful thinkers into loyal customers.

A Compelling Message

With the right words, your website and marketing collateral will attract more visitors and create more opportunities.

Increased Revenue

Putting the right pieces in the right place, will not only increase your sales, but also capture potential buyers you can work with until they are ready

“Lunian Design is teaching me ways to develop more interactivity and engagement with my clients. I can call anytime for support and receive it! With every question I ask they have a positive can-do approach.”
John Parker

Professional Development Adventure Guide,

The switch to Lunian Design has been a weight off my shoulders. Not only was my site moved for me, but was completely recreated in word press. I am now able to edit my own site after getting all my questions answered on how to use the program.
Irene King

Co-owner, Rainbow of Promise Early Learning Program

Reliable Service you can trust

Marketing Strategy

 We help you clarify your marketing message using a proven communication framework so your business can start growing again.

  • Clear Marketing Message With the Right Words
  • Sales Funnels That Convert Visitors to Customers
  • Monthly Coaching Retainer Service to Help You Make a Great Strategy Even Better

Web Design

Using your compelling marketing material, we’ll craft a beautiful and effective website that will help you take your business to the next level.

  • Fonts, Colors & Styling to Match Your Unique Brand
  • Website Design That Looks Good On Any Device
  • Optimizations to Ensure Your Website Loads Fast & Is Easy To Find
  • Testing, Staging & Implementation of Your New Website
  • Setup, Maintenance & Support to Keep Your Website Up & Running


Once you have the right words to reach your customers, the options of creating good marketing materials are limitless.

  • Web Content With the Right Words
  • Lead Generating PDFs That Collects Emails
  • Nurturing Campaigns
  • Sales Letters That Get Results
  • Keynotes That Sell
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Tag Lines
  • Beautiful Brochures and Sales Material

How Is Lunian Design Different?

Most businesses we talk to struggle with turning prospects into clients. But we discovered a process we use to help businesses, by creating a story they can invite people into. A story where their client is the hero and they are the guides.

we love to tell stories. And we love to help other people tell their stories.

Like our Executive coach friend John, who found a way to resolve conflict and misunderstanding by helping professionals improve their communication skills.

And our Audiologist friend Evonne, whose heart went out to people who had bought overpriced and poorly fitted hearing aids from non-professionals, only toss them in the back of a desk drawer as useless. She wanted to help them reconnect to their world through better hearing.

The way we do this is simple:
First, you schedule a call on my website. We'll go over your situation and make sure we'ere a good fit.

Next, we go through a strategy session where we map out your journey to how you solve your ideal client's problem and build lasting relationships that turn those prospects into clients and grow your business.

And finally, we'll embark on that journey telling your story through your website, email campaigns, and whatever other tools you need.

So, what's your story?

How It Works


Schedule a Call

We’ll talk about your situation, see if we’re a good fit and figure out how we can help.


Go through our marketing strategy sessions.

Together we’ll create your marketing roadmap to success by helping you home in on who your customer is and how you can reach them.

road signs


Put your new marketing roadmap into action

We’ll use the marketing collateral to create a beautiful website and any other material you need.

How Much Is It Costing You?

Every website visit, every email sent, every conversation is a wasted opportunity without the right words to reach your next customer